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16 April 2013

Go to IPL, get drunk, Skoda will drive you home

So they say in Skoda's new limited period campaign...

Gagan Gupta
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Can't enjoy live cricket without a few drinks now can you? If you're a Skoda owner in Mumbai, they have your back.

After receiving encouraging response last year, Skoda is once again commencing - 'If You Drink, We Drive' program in Mumbai. A unique value added service, offers chauffeur facilities exclusively to Skoda owners who want to enjoy the ongoing sporting season.
​​Available till 15th May 2013, the chauffeur services for a drop at home will be extended to Mumbai based Skoda owners, who will be driving in to the venues in their Skoda cars. Customers enjoying games in the clubs and restaurants located anywhere in the city can register through a pre-defined procedure. Followed by a stringent verification process, a Chauffeur will be made available to the customer, waiting to drive them home in the comfort of their own SKODA. This service is only opened to the matches played in Mumbai.

​​Designed to raise awareness on responsible and safe driving, 'If You Drink, We Drive' program enables Skoda owners to sit back and enjoy the sporting fiesta while Skoda takes the responsibility of driving them home. Not a bad deal for Skoda owners, right TopGearheads? At least it will keep drunk drivers off the roads.

​​To know more about the 'If You Drink, We Drive' program, log onto Skoda Auto India's website - or dial-in on toll free number - 9769-110022 / 9819-110022


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