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16 July 2013

Hamilton drives classic Merc racer on the ‘Ring

Video: Lewis Hamilton gets seat time in 1938 Mercedes W154 around the Nordschleife...

Vijay Pattni
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OK, so it’s not a Harley Davidson stoking a fire with its exhaust, or indeed an E46 BMW M3 tearing up a Lebanese hill climb in a death-defying run, but it’s still a cool video, and worth a watch.

It’s Lewis Hamilton, driving a classic 1938 Mercedes W154 race car, on the Nordschleife. Superbly talented world champion Formula One driver? Check. Scary, 3-litre supercharged V12 pre-war Mercedes racer with no seatbelts, and tyres thinner than a racing driver’s waist? Check. Scary, forested racing circuit notorious for being massively scary and foresty? Big Fat Check.

True, Lewis – and Nico, driving a W196 by the looks of it – aren’t really setting hot laps, but then neither would you in a precious artifact. Still, when, halfway through, Lewis radios in to the photographers up front to “speed up man”, you just know you can take the boy out of a Formula One car, but you can’t etc etc…

Have a watch. Particularly intriguing is the German gentleman at the start instructing Lewis – instructing Lewis Hamilton – on how to best drive the classic racer. Want more classic Merc racing goodness? Fangio’s old W196 racer, the car he used to win the 1954 F1 world championship, recently sold at an auction held at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. For Rs 177 crore (cue Dr Evil laugh…)


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