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06 May 2014

Honda issues a recall for the Brio and Amaze

Identifying a potentially "mis-assembled" braking component, Honda calls in 15,000-odd units each of the non-ABS variants of the hatch-sedan cousins
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Honda's figured some units of the Brio and Amaze may have a bit of an issue, and so, it has issued a recall for certain variants today.

There may be a "mis-assembled" proportioning valve (a component which adjusts braking pressure distribution) in some of the non-ABS versions of both cars, says Honda. 15,623 units of the Brio, and 15,603 units of the Amaze manufactured between 28 February 2013 to 16 January 2014 may be affected by this problem.

The ABS models do not feature said proportioning valve, so if you're a diesel Amaze owner, you need not be concerned.

Honda will contact affected customers in a phased manner, and if needed, will replace the component free of cost.

If you want to know if your car has been recalled too, you can check it on Honda's mini-site here.

Read how the Honda Amaze compares to the Hyundai Xcent here.

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