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19 February 2011

Honda to recall 57,853 Citys

For replacement of Lost Motion Spring in the valve train

Gagan Gupta
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Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. announced that it would carry out preventive part replacement of Lost Motion Spring in the valve train for 57,853 units of 3rd Generation City, manufactured from November 2008 to December 2009.

Lost motion springs, which are compressed by rocker arms in normal engine use, may bend or break over time resulting in abnormal engine noise and potentially causing engine stalling and problems in re-starting. HSCI is replacing the part with a new improved part.

The replacement would be carried out free of cost and the company will communicate directly with the owners of the cars which are covered under this part replacement.

A special microsite has been created on the Honda website which enables the customers to check whether their car will be covered under this part replacement by submitting their 17 character alpha-numeric Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


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