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08 January 2012

Honda's Auto Expo lineup

A slew of bikes were unveiled across the board this year
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There were a spate of launches from Honda this Auto Expo – seven, to be precise. The first of which is the Dream Yuga.

Essentially, it’s the Twister’s 110cc’s motor in a sober looking package to appeal to a wider section of the buying populace. And then, more interestingly, there’s the CBR 150R, a bike that looks much like its 250cc sibling, but comes with an 18 bhp motor and decent kit. Word is that it might just undercut the Yamaha R15 v2.0 on price. Won’t that be interesting?

Moving on, there’s the new Shine and CBR 250R. But we failed to notice what’s new about them except the new paint schemes. The new Dio, however, finally gets the more powerful 110cc motor from the Activa and also gets refreshed looks courtesy new body panels.

Then, there’s the big guys - the VT1300CX and the Fireblade. The VT is a 1312cc V-twin chopper that is quite imposing to look at, and the new Fireblade is the 2012 model that has a few visual differences and many minute revisions that make it better than before. Baffling to say the least.

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