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21 November 2012

Honda's Civic for Rs 1.60 lakh less

Here’s your chance to buy a great car that will be phased out soon

Ashish Masih
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It’s now an open secret that Honda is ending production of its classy executive sedan, the Civic with no plans of any replacement soon. The company wants to get rid of its remaining inventory as quickly as possible and is doling out a meaty discount that is around 12-14 percent of the car’s on-road price.

As part of the discount you get free first year insurance, exchange bonus and cash discount. All of this adds upto Rs 1.60 lakh on the top-spec version of the car. Dealers desperate to get the car off the showroom floors will offer you the exchange bonus amount without even asking you to trade in your car. Though the Civic won’t be produced in India anymore, Honda has assured its loyal fan base and customers that spares for the car will be easily available across service centres.

The good news about this discount is that you can get the base Civic versions for nearly the same price as the top-spec versions of the Honda City. This discount also means that any hit in the resale values of the Civic (thanks to being out of production) will also be slightly negated.

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