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13 March 2012

How the Pagani Huayra is made

Video: take 15 minutes out of your day to stock up on facts on Horacio’s awesome new hypercar...

Rowan Horncastle
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There are times in the day when you just need to stop what you're doing, and take 15 minutes to relax and learn. This is one of those times. Turn your speakers/headphones up, click play on the video below, and learn about every inch of Pagani's outstanding new hypercar, the Huayra.

And prepare for an onslaught of amazing facts and figures. Like the fact the fuel tank is surrounded by ballistic composites, that it takes 24 hours to make the Huayra badge out of a solid block of aluminium, and that Horacio Pagani's original inspiration for the car was Leonardo da Vinci.

Alternatively, if you're a masochist, skip to 3:30 to see what happens when Horacio's creation goes head first into a concrete wall in an obligatory crash test.

We've now seen the Zonda replacement in quite a few colours since we first met it last year - even white and bare carbon - which has got us thinking. What colour would you spec your Huayra in, dot commers?

And look out for more on one of the cars of 2012 in next month's Top Gear magazine...


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