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13 August 2013

How to cook a sausage with an Aventador

Is Lamborghini’s 700hp supercar the coolest BBQ in the world?

Rowan Horncastle
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As Jeremy found while testing the Lamborghini at Imola, apart from having 700bhp, a devastatingly quick 2.9 second 0-100 time and 350kph top speed, one of the most captivating features of the Aventador is its ability to shoot hadouken-shaped, blue fireballs for fun.

And it turns out that these flames can be put to good use - as what the car lacks in luggage space it makes up for in alfresco dining opportunities. As you'll see below, the car can be used as an eye-wateringly expensive barbecue; all you need is a long stick, a brave cook and sous-chef with a heavy right foot.

Cooking time is dependent on fuel levels, but we'd recommend five blips at 8,250rpm for 15 seconds and you'll have the perfect 98 octane flambe'd banger. Yummy.

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