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22 May 2013

Hurrah! It’s the new BMW M5!*

*Sort of. Super-saloon gets facelift and Competition Pack with extra poweeerrr

Vijay Pattni
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This is the brand new BMW M5. Technically, technically, that statement is correct. But before you go scurrying off into the world shouting it from the rooftops, brace yourself: it's just a facelift. Well, a facelift and some extra power, courtesy of something called a ‘Competition Pack'.

To coincide with the standard 5 series facelift and mid-life refresh, BMW has treated The Best Super Saloon in The World to a series of tweaks to keep it on the boil. So, that Competition Pack. It'll be available on both the M5 and M6/M6 Convertible, featuring an uprated 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8; power jumps from 552bhp to 567bhp, resulting in fractional improvements in acceleration. 0-100kph now takes just 4.3 seconds instead of 4.4, and 0-200kph is completed 0.2 seconds quicker (12.8s instead of 13s).

There have been some minor chassis tweaks too, to wring out more ability from its two-tonne physique. These include new coil spring/damper calibrations, stiffer anti-sway bars, a 10mm lower ride height (that drops the centre of gravity, too) and a retuned M differential for better traction.

BMW has also improved the steering with more ‘direct-programming', while the dynamic mode in the stability control has been remapped for even schportier handling and less nannying and interfering. Just make sure you've got your bingo shoes on when engaging Stig Setting: Level Infinity.

The Competition Pack also brings in new 20in light alloy wheels, a sports exhaust with tailpipes finished in black chrome, a little M5 model badge in the kidney grille, optional adaptive LED headlights, a new M steering wheel, more storage space under the armrest, chrome trim around the iDrive central display and - later this year - new colour options.

Have a click through the gallery for the pics and then, using all the molecules of M Division fantasy locked upstairs in your mind, tell us what other kind of package BMW should cook up for the M5. Anyone for a stripped out, roll-caged super-stiff track special?

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