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17 October 2013

Hyundai crosses 50 lakh units

And their 50th lakh car is a Grand i10

Girish Karkera
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Hyundai ran a contest to guess what would be their landmark 50th lakh car to roll out of their Sriperumbudur plant in Chennai. Honestly, it was obvious that it would be a Grand i10, their most recent blockbuster car that is scaling new success heights for them.

An orange 'Grand' (as they now call it) rolled out amidst much media and labourer frenzy at Hyundai's plant thanks largely to the presence of its brand ambassador, actor Shahrukh Khan. At the post-roll out press conference, company CEO BS Seo reiterated the importance of the Indian operations and how India is contributing towards a whopping 14.5 per cent of their global sales.

Hyundai Motor sees the largest export of cars from India amongst all car makers here with units shipped all over the world, including Europe. Interestingly Hyundai crossed the 50 lakh sales mark in Europe two years ago.

The Indian 50 lakh production mark is an important milestone for them but they have some catching up to do on that front with Maruti Suzuki who's Indian plants will cross the 1 crore 30 lakh mark end of next month.


Nevertheless Hyundai has an impressive portfolio of cars with almost all India-made models (except maybe the Eon) doing well for them. And hence it stays a formidable name in the highly competitive Indian automotive market.

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