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03 August 2014

Hyundai sketches the all-new i20

Designed in Germany, the all-important new Hyundai too gets a lavish adjective for its name

Amaan Ahmed
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Unless you've had no internet access and have been living under a rock (which you would be, if you didn't have the world wide web at your fingertips), chances are you've already seen pictures of the all-new Hyundai i20. If you haven't, Hyundai's released a couple of sketches, and has also revealed the name for the latest generation of its premium hatch: 'The Elite i20'.

It's been designed at Hyundai's European design center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, and the spy pictures... erm, the sketches, do show that it indeed is a car that's been designed for the global audience.

The design philosophy at work here is an evolved version of Hyundai's 'Fluidic Sculpture', dubbed 2.0, which is also seen on the new Sonata. Unsurprisingly, there's the hexagonal radiator grille, above which sits a slender strip that links both headlamps. A blacked-out C-pillar is in place to "visually accentuate the car's length", and the tail-lights are the wrap-around kind. And no, the wheels will be nowhere near as gigantic as they are in the sketches.

All in, it looks like the i20's ditched the slightly curvy, bulbous look, and gone in for a tauter appearance. We can say this with conviction because the sketches are so well-done. Really.

Other details will eventually trickle down to our mailboxes, but it'd be safe to assume that the Elite i20 will be fairly spacious, and will be crammed with equipment. It is, after all, big brother to the Grand i10, which is a very well-equipped car itself.

Pre-bookings are underway at your local dealership as you read this. Until then, stare at the sketches and tell us: does the elite Hyundai have the visual flair to grab your attention?

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