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07 November 2012

I drive a supercar: Bharat Aggrawal

Delhi-based car nut has a dummy HRT-F1 car in his garage, among other crazy machines...

Ashish Masih
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Where do you keep your car keys?
Right next to my bedside, where other people keep their books and pills.

Do you let anyone else drive your car?
Yes, my father being an equally big car enthusiast like me gets to drive my machines. But that’s about it. I don’t even let the family chauffeur drive them. I take them for servicing and back as well.

Do you drive to work?
Of course, I do. There’s no point to having a garage full of exotic machinery if I can’t drive them on a daily basis.

What do you do when you have to hand the keys over to a valet?
I’ve never had to. I always get parking at my preferred location, where the car is always visible to me from the party or function I am attending.

You’re at a café with friends, and you’ve parked your car in a spot you don’t really like. What’s running through your head?
I never go a café unless it’s in a foreign country and I’ve rented a car.

What do you like most about your car?
My R8 delivers a fantastic balance of everything. It’s a good looker, great performer and easy to operate. I love the exhilarating experience it delivers.

What’s your other car?
I own a Porsche Panamera S, a Jaguar XJ-S, an Aston Martin Vantage, among others.

You enjoy the attention, or does it leave you embarrassed?
Whether it’s me or my car getting the attention, I just embrace it.

Have you been stranded in your car at any time?
No, luckily that’s never happened to me.

Do you listen to music when driving this car?
Yes I do, but only when I’m driving below 200kph.

What if someone took a key and scratched the door?
That’s never going to happen because I always have a personal security officer standing next to it when I am away.

This car’s time is up. You will replace it with…?
A Ferrari 458 Italia in yellow.

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