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08 January 2013

I drive a supercar: Hemant Sahai

Managing Partner at law firm HSA Advocates talks about life with his Aston Martin Virage, and the other cars and bikes in his garage
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What do you do first thing in the morning?
I don’t spend enough time with my vehicle unfortunately. But yes, on my way out, I do cast a loving glance over at my garage.

Where do you keep your car keys?
With all the other vehicle keys in a specific drawer in a cabinet. The Virage key is wrapped in a soft cloth since the key has a crystal with the Aston logo etched.

Do you let anyone else apart from you drive your car?
Only I drive the Virage. The driver is allowed to park it.

Do you drive your car to work?
Yes, often enough. Interestingly, the Virage is a capable road car too. Despite the crawl of Delhi traffic.

What do you do when you have to hand over the keys to a valet?
I don’t. My driver is always there.

You’re at a café with friends, and haven’t managed to park your car at a spot you like. What’s running through your head?
The Aston is not left out of sight. I worry people may vandalise it, or out of sheer curiosity, damage it.

What do you like most about your car?
The looks are captivating but I didn’t buy it for superficial reasons. I truly love the way it performs, the engine’s growl, the sweet handling and the sheer adrenaline rush each time I drive it with the top down.

What’s your other car?
A BMW 7 series, a Merc S-Class, an MG. I also own 15 motorcycles, including Bullets. And the world’s largest motorcycle, the Boss Hoss – V8, 6500cc. And the world’s largest factory-produced motorcycle, the Triumph Rocket, plus some interesting classic bikes.

You enjoy the attention, or do you feel embarrassed?
Slightly embarrassed. But I’ve learnt to smile and feel cheery when people admire the car.

Have you been stranded in your car at any time?
Once, a flat tyre. But the car’s systems got me back on the road quickly.

Listen to music when driving this?
Yes. Floyd and some Western classical.

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