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19 September 2012

I drive a supercar: Prateek Madaan

We speak to the Delhi-based enthusiast, who owns a Lamborghini Gallardo and Bentley Continental SuperSports among other beauties

Ashish Masih
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Where do you keep your car keys?
Under my pillow when I go to bed. So even in my sleep, I can dream about it.

Do you let anyone else drive your car?
No. Not even my girlfriend. I even back it out of the parking lot myself. To me, small things like getting the engine and engine oil warmed up are also part of the fun.

Do you drive to work?
No, but if I decided to on a daily basis, I’d take the longest route possible, which means I’ll never get to work – I’ll just keep driving all day long!

What do you do when you have to hand the keys over to a valet?
I never give my keys to a valet. No matter where I am, I prefer parking the car myself.

You’re at a café with friends, and  you’ve parked your car in a spot you don’t really like. What’s running through your head?
I won’t go to a café where I won’t find good parking. My Lamborghini can choose whatever spot it desires, otherwise we’ll look for a new place.

What do you like most about your car?
There’s not much to dislike about the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. But for me, it’s the engine revving to 5000rpm. And with the top down, it’s sheer music.

What’s your other car?
I own a Bentley Continental Supersports, a Porsche Carrera S, a Porsche Cayenne GTS, an Audi RS5 and a Jaguar XJ Supersports. So my garage is always full.

You enjoy the attention, or does it leave you embarrassed?
Anyone who buys a car like this is lying if he says he gets embarrassed. If you wanted understated, why buy a Lambo? So, yes, I enjoy all the attention.

Have you been stranded in your car at any time?
In India, that’s bound to happen. But luckily, I always have a backup car following me, so I never get stuck on the road.

Do you listen to music when driving this car?
A Music in a Lamborghini? That would be absurd. The car makes its own music. Like the Superleggera, I feel all Lambos should come without a stereo.

What if someone took a key and scratched the door?
Then that someone is in big trouble, is all I’ll say.

This car’s time is up. You will replace it with…?
Another Lamborghini for sure – the Aventador LP-700-4. To my mind, probably the best Lamborghini ever built.

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