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14 August 2012

I drive a supercar: Sahil Bhatia

We ask Delhi-based businessman, Sahil Bhatia what it’s like to live with his Ferrari F430
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Where do you keep your car keys?
In my bedside drawer.

Do you let anyone else drive your car?
Hardly. I avoid it as far as possible.

Do you commute to work in your car?
Yep, whenever I’m running late.

What do you do when you have to hand the keys over to a valet?
I never give my keys to a valet. Always park it myself.

You’re at a café with friends, and  you’ve parked your car in a spot you don’t really like. What’s running through your head?
I try and find a spot that I can monitor from where I’m sitting, otherwise I won’t be in the café.

You’re at a café with friends, and What do you like most about your car?
I love the looks of the Ferrari, especially top down, but nothing beats the engine note of the Lambo, particularly while shifting down.

What’s your other car?
I own a matt black M3, a Ferrari F430 Spyder and a Lamborghini LP560-4 Bicolore.

You enjoy the attention, or does it leave you embarrassed?
Top up, no problem, I love the look, but with the top down, it does get a bit embarrassing, especially since this is Delhi – you really don’t know what to do with yourself standing at a red light in the middle of 30 other cars, and all of them looking at you!

Have you been stranded in your car at any time?
Luckily, not yet.

Do  you listen to music when driving this car?
In traffic, yes, but the minute I get some open road, it’s just the engine note and that is pure music!

What if someone took a key and scratched the door?
Can’t even begin to think what I would do to that person.

This car’s time is up. You will replace it with…?
The Aventador Roadster, whenever it’s out.

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