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10 March 2011

Ice speed record falls... to an RS6

572bhp saloon with studded tyres beats Bentley SS from last month. When will it end?

Vijay Pattni
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An Audi RS6 with studded tyres has claimed the world record for the fastest speed on ice.

Nokian Tyres test driver Janne Laitinen drove a standard Audi RS6 - equipped with his firm's studded tyres - to a new high of 331.6kph on the Gulf of Bothnia in Oulu, Finland.

Speaking to, Nokian said: “We’ve registered the event with Guinness. We had two FIA-certified independent officials observing and witnessing the event.”

Just last month rally champ Juha Kankkunen drove a Bentley Continental SS across the frozen waters of the Baltic Sea at 205.48mph.

The RS6's run was recorded along an 14km ice track in, obviously, freezing conditions.

Sure, hooning across ice at breakneck speeds is a barrel of laughs, but it's a bit...well, you know. Unless of course, it's an indicator of a dastardly, ice-age future. After all, TG's recent first drive of the Ferrari FF has also been on the frozen stuff.


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