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11 January 2013

Interior of the Year: Range Rover Evoque

Sugar, spice and everything nice…how Victoria Beckham did her bit for Land Rover

Manish Sarser
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When Land Rover’s designers were finalising the looks of the Evoque, they knew they were doomed. Because designing an interior that could match those fantastic lines on the outside was always going to be an uphill task. Knowing their regular boxy lines and leathers wouldn’t cut it, LR decided to ring Victoria Beckham and ask her to jazz up the cabin.

And who better than Victoria to do up the insides of a car that’s arguably the best style statement on wheels this year. Step inside and you’ll see the result is astounding. Now, we’re not saying LR interiors are otherwise junk,
but for something as flashy as the Evoque, standard just wouldn’t do. Sure, there’s no denying the Evoque is the best looking LR yet, and it costs a pretty penny, but only when you slide into the driver’s seat do you really begin to see where all the money’s been spent.

Sure, there’s lots of equipment in there, as well as the customary cowhide. But it’s the choice of colours, the quality of stitching, along with the gizmos that make you feel special every time you sit in the Evoque.

The dark trim goes very well with the Evoque’s wicked character. Thankfully, the craze for beige hasn’t reached the shores of Blighty just yet.

There was plenty of good competition but it’s the dazzling manner in which the Evoque’s interior has been executed that makes it stand out more than any other interior this year. There’s absolutely nothing to fault inside the Evoque. It makes you want to stay inside, and there’s a sense of occasion to every drive.

But the reason the Evoque takes the cake is because it lives up to the hype and the flash of the exterior. In fact, the Evoque’s interior is so good, you might not even notice that the oil burner motor makes only about 180bhp. And if they can make us ignore the engine, they must be really good. Which is why this one is our Interior of the Year.

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