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06 December 2013

Is this the Audi Q1?

No, but it’s a sketch previewing a concept previewing Audi’s new baby crossover. We think

Sam Philip
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Good news for small offroadists: Audi will show a dinky two-door crossover concept at the Detroit show in January, a mini-SUV that likely hints at its upcoming ‘Q1' due in 2016.

Details are scarce at this stage, but we do know the as-yet-unnamed concept - previewed here in official-but-sketchy-form - measures a mere 420cm from nose to tail.

That's 16cm shorter than the three-door Range Rover Evoque, a full 22cm shorter than Merc's GLA and nearly 20cm less than Audi's current smallest SUV, the Q3.

In other words, this thing is small. Smaller, even, than a Skoda Yeti. Similar in length to Ford's Fiesta-based Ecosport. Small.

Beyond that, all is secrecy. Audi says the concept is ‘a car for all roads and tracks', and that its design is ‘typical of e-tron models', which might hint at an electric powertrain.

OK, so artsy designers' sketches could make even a first-gen Fiat Multipla look good, but we reckon this concept could be a handsome little thing. Can you get on board with the idea of a tiny two-door Audi crossover?

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