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01 November 2013

Is this the ballsiest F1 donut ever?

Watch David Coulthard and Red Bull burning rubber, 300 metres up on a helipad

Sam Philip
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To celebrate securing his fourth driver’s title, Sebastian Vettel laid down some massive smoky donuts on the start-finish straight of India’s Buddh International circuit, earning him a Rs 20 lakh fine and a reprimand from the FIA.

It seems Red Bull decided that, next time they fancied chucking some celebratory donuts, they ought to head somewhere safer. Somewhere a long way from the fun-sponges of the FIA. Somewhere like, say, the helipad atop Dubai’s Burj-Al-Arab. A helipad with no fences.

With Seb presumably busy washing dishes to pay off his fine, Red Bull called in the Beeb’s very own David Coulthard – who’s clearly secreting a brace of cast-iron cohones below those tighty-whitey jeans – to do the heavy-right-boot honours.

Give DC credit, he makes spinning a 800bhp F1 car in a tennis-court sized space with a 300-metre drop on every side look… pretty straightforward actually. One slip and the live coverage from the Abu Dhabi GP this weekend could have been very, very different…

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