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23 January 2014

Is this the ultimate Bond-villain car?

Million-dollar, GOLD-PLATED Healey roadster: perfect runabout for any volcano-dwelling mega-crim
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Auric Goldfinger! Dr Julius No! Ernst Stavro Blofeld! Good news! We've found your next car - a gold-plated, mink-upholstered, ivory-switched 1958 Austin-Healey 100-Six. The price? One MILLION dollars.

For those of a non-megalomanic disposition, here's a bit of background. The car was created for the 1958 London motorshow by Austin-Healey PR boss, and Stirling Moss's former manager, Ken Gregory. Clearly a man of taste and distinction, he promoted the new model by plating the bumpers, wheels, disc brakes, instruments, keys, and even the washers and screws with 24-carat gold.

Inside, he trimmed the seats, dashboard, and door cards in champagne Connolly leather, added Champagne Diadem Mink by London furrier Lorna Doon Snow, and replaced all the switchgear - including the steering wheel - with genuine ivory. Not an animal lover, then.

The current eBay vendor (a, erm, Jeep specialist) reckons the fully restored show car's worth Rs 6.17 crore. Chump change for any self-respecting Evil Tycoon. Any nominations for a more Bond-villainish car than this one?

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