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19 May 2011

Is this the world’s coolest office?

Arkansas-based dentist drills teeth to background of classic hot rods

Matthew Jones
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This isn't a car museum. Or a theme park. Or some hot-rod extremist's private folly. It's a working orthodontist's office in Arkansas. Top Gear approves.

Hot-rodder Dr Dave Myers decided against a garden-variety redbrick office for his tooth-fixing business in the Southern state. "I wanted something that looked like a Fifties-era diner/drive-in/gas station. I talked with an architect about it and they jumped inside my head and knocked it out of the park."

This is the result. The reception desk's made out of a $100 1947 Mercury coupe (fitted with a 1946 Ford grille), there's a sofa built from the back of a 1956 Oldsmobile '98, and another from a 1959 Cadillac (both of which Myers and his father made themselves). Getting your teeth worked on? That happens in a full replica of a Sinclair petrol station.

"It took a fair amount of back-and-forth with the interior folks to get that sort of thing meshed with the stuff you've got to have for an orthodontic office. But, eventually, I think we got there." We think you did. And we think we need a root canal.

Any TopGear.commers in America suddenly need their teeth checked? Book an appointment here.


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