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05 February 2014

Isuzu at Auto Expo 2014

Isuzu unveils two more versions of its D-Max pick-up truck

Christopher Chaves
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Isuzu looks to be taking the utility pick-up truck segment in India very seriously. It has just unveiled two more versions of its D-Max truck - the D-Max Space Cab and Single Cab.

Both D-Max trucks are powered by the same 2.5-litre turbo-diesel motor with a power output of 134bhp and 294Nm of torque, and share the same five-speed manual gearbox.

All that separates the Single Cab from the Space cab is the 1.5 feet of cabin space behind the front seats.

There will be two versions of the Space Cab on offer. The first being an Arched Deck variant, that's targeted at the private vehicle owners. This variant will be the more aesthetically-pleasing SUV with its list of features that include an aircon, music system, central locking, cup holders, a more shapely cargo bay area and cargo box handle. The other is a Flat Deck variant that's fitted with standard equipment like power steering and an air-blower. This is targeted at commercial vehicle owners.

The D-Max Space measures 507cm in length, 172cm in width, 167cm in height with a wheelbase of 305cm and a loading capacity of 1.2 tons.

Once launched (soon), the D-Max pick-ups will be sold as CBU units with the price tag expected to be around Rs 6.8 lakh for the Single Cab, and Rs 8.1 lakh for the Space Cab. The D-Max pick-ups will pose direct competition to the Mahindra Genio and Tata Xenon.

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