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22 May 2013

It's a mind-reading car cabin!

Visteon's HABIT concept reads your preferences and offers constant suggestions, whether you need it or not

Amaan Ahmed
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Do you, like other drivers, hate it when someone tries to fiddle with the car's aircon, music system and other settings while you're driving? If that makes you want to travel alone, you will soon have to learn to live with it, if Visteon's new concept finds its way into our cars.

Christened the "HABIT" (Human Bayesian Intelligence Technology) concept, this interior module, employing complex algorithms, constantly monitors the driver's preferences - what road do you take to work, what kind of in-car temperature do you like, what radio station plays your favorite music - along with the conditions outside. On the basis of those readings, it will politely ask you if you'd like to try a new route to work, or if you'd like the cabin to be cooler.

If you're stuck in traffic, the system will suggest you to take a new route (which might be equally as congested, if you're driving in an Indian city). Feel cold and want conditions to remain pleasant? The system will set the cabin temperature to 16 degrees, just because you've preferred that temperature over the last few days, and that gives it the authority to change the temperature automatically. Better still, the system synchronises with your phone, so when you're away, it keeps a tab on what radio station you are listening to. If you were listening to 90.xx FM, the next time you drive, the car will automatically switch to the same station, even if it is belting out a track you do not like very much. Keep a ruler handy in case it acts pushy.

Would you like to see such technology feature in the cars of the future, or is it too intrusive a prospect? Leave your comments below.

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