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19 May 2017

It's the apocalypse-proof Bentley Bentayga

Ski chalet to get to? Um, zombies to evade? This tracked Bentley's got you covered
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From rendering enthusiast Rain Prisk's school of thought comes this, the tank-tracked Bentley Bentayga. If escaping zombies is something you wish to do in greater luxury, and at a less rushed pace, then it’s probably even more adept than the 918.

More room, too, with a proper boot and five seats, plus acres of wood, leather and electronic gizmos to keep your eyes away from the impending doom out of the windows. In stealth black, though, you might have snuck under the radar of whatever’s threatening humankind.

There’s plenty more practicality to admire, too. A nice big roof rack, a winch and a whacking great light bar up top are particular highlights.

Would you like Bentley to offer some of this stuff on the Bentayga’s options list?

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