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20 June 2013

It's the refreshed Renault Koleos!

The big Renault goes under the knife once again, comes out with a host of not-so-significant changes

Amaan Ahmed
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Renault had launched the updated Koleos in our market only a couple of years back, and after only two years, it's time for another spit and polish job for the Renault crossover.

The refreshed 2014 Koleos has been unveiled at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show, and as you can see, is almost exactly the same car that we see on our streets, except for a few blink-and-you'll-miss-them differences. One, the gaping maw of a grille, still bathed in chrome, is now trimmed around the edges to make the front fascia look sharper and two, the Renault lozenge has grown in size, sitting pretty at the car's nose. You get new dual-tone alloy wheels, and there's a new "Ebony Brown" paint scheme too.

The love for brown is carried over to the inside, where you will now find brown leather upholstery (all-black interiors only for Europe), but knowing our love for everything beige, Renault may just stick to the current car's brown-and-beige interior. A more important addition though is the new R-Link infotainment system, with a seven-inch touchscreen that replaces the old digital multi-information display. This new system consists of your usual media controls, apart from the satnav and R-Link Store, Renault's very own smartphone-friendly app centre, and also doubles up as a display for the new reversing camera. What's more, you can operate the R-Link using the joystick placed on the console, or you can simply use voice command to make things happen. Neat.

Apart from the inclusion of a Blind Spot Warning (BSW) system, Renault has decided to not make any other changes to the car, which means that it is still a fairly well-equipped five-seater, still houses that rather excellent Bose sound system, and will carry over the same 2-litre, 149bhp, 320Nm turbo-diesel engine, along with the six-speed automatic gearbox. All-wheel drive will come as standard, just like on the current car.

We expect the refreshed Koleos to stay as pricey as ever when Renault introduces it to the Indian market immediately after its launch in Europe, with it being an import and all. Think the freshened-up Koleos looks any better, or would you rush to buy the pre-facelift car before the new one comes in?


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