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17 May 2018

It’s yet another restomod Porsche 911

This Speedster is yet another restomod Porsche 911 that looks flipping ace, too

Stephen Dobie
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Conventional wisdom says you can have too much of a good thing. But when that good thing is restomod Porsche 911s, conventional wisdom can, um, do one.

Yep, it’s another retro-modern 911, and it’s another that we’d sell very important things (shoes, furniture, vital organs) in order to acquire. It’s lovely, huh?

It started life as a 1989 Porsche 911 Targa – traditionally the least loved of the 911s – but has ended up as some kind of military grey Speedster that finely straddles the line between aggression and simple beauty. If you couldn’t tell, we’re besotted.

The car is the work of German tuner DP Motorsport, who’s fitted a widebody kit, height-adjustable KW suspension and a power upgrade to 260bhp.

But when you’ve this little bodywork to shift, the Speedster isn’t going to be slow. And we suspect the six-cylinder sound emanating from those plump rear pipes will be sweet whatever speed you’re going…

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