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04 September 2012

Jaguar announces 280kph XFR

‘Speed Pack’ boosts the Jaaaaaaag XFR’s top speed, new aero bits too
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We've noted before that the Jaguar XFR was built for people who have nothing really to prove to the world. Now, you can revel in that nonchalance at a considerably quicker rate, because the XFR is now even faster.

It's called the ‘Speed Pack', and is available as an option to bolt onto your brand new Jaguar XFR. In the great tradition of Ronseal, it really does exactly what it says on the tin: top speed increases from 250kph to 280kph - with a revised engine and gearbox calibration to deal with it - and there's also a new front aero splitter and a new rear wing,

The engine remains the same ludicrously lovely 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with 510bhp and 625Nm of torque. That means 0-100kph in...actually, who really cares (4.9s, just in case you do)? It's a big powerful Jaaaaag that's insanely quick and as soft as - in the words of Jeremy - sitting on a fat dog.

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