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08 July 2013

Jaguar launches F-Type

It's here! The sportiest Jag in quite a while has landed on our shores

Devesh Shobha
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Rejoice, petrolheads of the nation! Jaguar has launched its F-Type two-seater convertible sports car in India. Eager to know the prices? Wait up, let's have some details before we tell you how much dough you need to acquire one.

Available with two engine options, the F-Type S will be powered by a 3-litre supercharged V6 petrol engine, good for 375bhp. The range-topping F-Type V8S will be powered by Jag's 5-litre supercharged V8 petrol developing 488bhp that promises to take 4.3secs to a dash to 100kph, before reaching its top speed of 300kph. The V6 motor won't be a slouch either, completing the 0-100kph drill in 4.9secs, with a top whack of 275kph.

The Jaguar F-Type is a continuation of a sporting bloodline that stretches back more than 75 years. Joining the XK convertible and coupe models, the new F-Type provides Jaguar with a broader line of sports and GT models. Rohit Suri, Vice President, Jaguar & Land Rover India, said, "The Jaguar F-Type is our all-new, two seater sports car and we believe it will be a game changer for the Indian sports car market. With its stunning design and driver focused engineering, this car will further enhance the appeal of our brand and I am confident that it will arouse senses and stir emotions like no other car in India”.

Okay, now the price. The Jaguar F-Type S V6 is priced at Rs 1.37 crore, while the top of the line F-Type V8S can be yours for Rs 1.61 crore (pre-octroi, ex-showroom, Mumbai). Too much, or too less a price to pay for the charms of the Jaaaaag?

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