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31 March 2011

Jaguar shows off new engine

Company’s most efficient powerplant debuts in XF development mule as a four-pot diesel

Vijay Pattni
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Fans of longitudinal engine configurations, rejoice! Jaguar has announced its most efficient powerplant yet making its debut in a prototype XF.

It is a four-cylinder diesel to the tune of 2.2-litres, and thanks to a new water-cooled turbo, low friction pistons, new injectors and a new crankshaft, is able to return some mighty impressive stats.

In fact, that longitudinal layout - or ‘north-south' (most four-pots are transversely positioned) - has allowed Jag's engineers to fit a new oil pan and electronic system to make the Stop-Start more efficient.

The prototype XF also debuts an ‘advanced' eight-speed auto, where the last two cogs are overdrive (good motorway cruising) coupled to what Jag claims are swift responses.

And so we come to the part where the real battle is played out: Top Trumps. And for this, we need a competitor. Step forward, the BMW 520d. The Jag's 187bhp, 332lb ft of torque, 22.2kpl and 149g/km of CO2 plays the Beemer's 184bhp, 280lb ft, 57.6mpg and 129g/km of CO2.

Jaguar claims 0-100kph in just 8.5 seconds for the 2.2-litre XF, while BMW's 520d does it in 8.1. Hmmm...

Speaking to, Jag told us the new engine will be available to order from April, and will arrive in September this year. Prices TBC.


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