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02 September 2013

Jaguar teases C-X17 concept ahead of Frankfurt

Is it a crossover? Is it an SUV? Wait until September 9 to know more, says Jag

Amaan Ahmed
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How long has it been since we've been hearing about an SUV that's in the works at Jaguar? Months, a year, maybe more? Well, now Jaguar has officially confirmed the arrival of a (fairly) large Jag in the form of this design study, called the C-X17.

To be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in about a week's time, the C-X17 paves the way for Jaguar's new, highly-advanced modular aluminium construction. Jaguar says the C-X17 shows how the company can spin off multiple products using this new architecture, but what we can clearly see is the concept's pronounced stance, nicely flared wheelarches, a sloping roofline and tail-lamps nicked from the F-Type, which look ruddy good.

We'll know more when it is unveiled to the world on September 9, but until then, there's time for speculation. What is it, this C-X17 concept? Is it a proper, full-size SUV? Or is it a sporty crossover, a rival for the likes of the Range Rover Evoque? What do you want the big new Jaaag to be, dotcommers?

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