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05 March 2013

Jaguar to launch 8 new and refreshed models in 2013

Launch of the much-awaited F-Type and the world's first nine-speed gearbox on Jaguar's to-do list for this year
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Jaguar Land Rover hasn't unveiled much at this year's Geneva Motor Show yet. It has however, made a few important announcements.

JLR says that it will invest £2.75 billion to help develop eight new or refreshed products which are on the cars for a 2013 launch. These new products include the eagerly-awaited F-Type sportscar and the world's very first nine-speed gearbox, which should first appear on the Range Rover Evoque.

Also, JLR will increase its investment in its UK-based Engine Manufacturing Center to more than £500 million to kickstart the production of a completely new family of lightweight 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and also double the number of employees at the plant.

The new engine plant is expected to be up and running by the end of this year, while the first 4-cylinder engine should roll off the assembly line in 2015.

Which of JLR's new products do you want to see in India first, dotcommers?

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