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29 November 2012

Jaguar unveils its M5 rival: the XFR-S

Say hello to the fastest and most powerful Jaguar saloon ever
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Last week, we showed you the headlight and a bit of the front grille of the Jaguar XFR-S. And now we have more from the unveiling at the LA Motor Show. Lots more. So reach into your top drawer and grab your dedicated number cruncher, because here come the stats.

Let's talk power and torque. Power in the new car is up 40bhp over the XFR, and torque 55Nm, bringing the grand total to 550bhp and 68Nm from the 5.0-litre supercharged V8. Amazingly, this boost in power hasn't had an impact on the fuel consumption and emissions as they're still 8.6kpl and 270g/km.

If you're being a bit lairy, it'll throw cogs at you like Donkey Kong throwing barrels...

But numbers like this put it toe-to-toe with Stig's favourite sideways saloon, the BMW M5. The Jag will hit 100kph in just 4.4 seconds (just 0.1 seconds slower than the M5), and it will go a lot faster: the XFR-S is limited to 300kph, where the M5 has its reins pulled in at 250kph.

The Jag's eight-speed transmission comes packaged with tech developed for the impending F-Type called ‘Quickshift'. Quickshift aims to get you the quickest and crispest shifts when you want them by anlaysing road conditions, throttle and steering input. If you're being a bit lairy, it'll throw cogs at you like Donkey Kong throwing barrels, but if you're being a bit more relaxed and gentle with the throttle it will change the shift to something a bit smoother and lower down the rev band.

Frankly, if it's anything like the last car to get the R-S treatment from Jaguar Land Rover's specialist ETO division, the XKR-S, you'll be shifting hard. The fast XK is rightly lauded for its glorious noise, and in the XFR-S they've replaced the silencer from the standard car with an X-piece and near straight-through rear pipes. Expect that characteristic crackle on the overrun.

As we found out last month, Jag spend hours and hours pounding around the Nurburgring to improve the dynamics of the car. So avert your ears Mr May, but the car's now 30 per cent stiffer, got a re-designed rear sub-frame, bigger brakes and wheels and a new set of rubber. The steering has also been given bits from the upcoming F-Type.

And the new power Jaaaag looks good doesn't it? Aggressive, sharp and poised. And that angry aesthetic has purpose. The Johnny Bravo-sized chin helps provide adequate airflow into the engine bay, the side mouldings clean the air up around the car and the carbon fiber diffuser helps keep it stuck to the ground. These aero additions have made the XFR-S want to take off 68 per cent less than an XFR. Which is a lot. Oh, and the rear wing? In the UK we'll get the bigger one (the one pictured that makes it look like it's ready for 1000 kilometers around Bathurst) as standard but if that's a bit too brash for you, you can spec a smaller one.

Inside is lots more carbon. There's even carbon effect leather, to further annoy May.

Would you have it over a BMW M5, dot commers?

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