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25 February 2013

Jeep reveals new Cherokee... bravely go where no other Jeep has gone before - mainly to India and China

Abhinav Mishra
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There has been a debate brewing in office. Is the Cherokee’s design a bit too un-Jeep? Does it look good, bad, ugly or fugly?

Yes, it does not look anything like a Jeep except for the seven-slat grille and trapezoidal wheel arches. Intelligence reports suggest the Cherokee is based on the Dodge Dart platform. That, in turn, is based on a stretched Alfa Romeo Giulietta. So it is safe to assume that the Cherokee is a love child of this transatlantic threesome that is squarely targeted at emerging markets like India and China.

Coming back to the face or rather the lack of it, it looks like the Nissan Juke’s designing team freelanced for the Jeep Cherokee in their coffee breaks. The squinting headlights look aggressive, while the curvy grille adds to the sporty look and offers better aerodynamics, while the side and back profiles look fairly conventional. Expect the Jeep Cherokee to spawn a few Alfa Romeos and Fiat crossovers in the near future.

Jeep has still not announced any details about the powertrain. We will have to wait for the unveiling of the product at the New York Motor Show to get more specifics. Rest assured that this sharp-looking SUV is India-bound sometime next year.

For now, we’ll have the Grand Cherokee coming to our shores at the end of the year. Check back for a complete review on

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