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06 October 2011

Jenson Button signs new McLaren deal

31-year-old driver agrees new ‘multi-year' contract to remain with Woking-based F1 team

Vijay Pattni
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Jenson Button has signed a new deal with McLaren, securing his future with the team.

The 2009 F1 world champion, who currently sits second in the drivers' championship behind title leader and soon-to-be 2011 champ Vettel, has signed with the team beyond 2012 on a new ‘multi-year' contract.

Jenson said: "I've never felt more at home at a team than I do at McLaren. I've won four of the greatest races of my life here and I feel that I'm driving better than ever.

"As a GP driver those are incredibly powerful feelings to share and be part of. I've made no secret of my ambition to continue winning races and world championships, and this is the place where I can achieve those aims."

Team mate Lewis Hamilton was delighted Jenson stuck with the team, and said: "He's been a great person to work with and a genuine team player. Jenson and I are as hungry and as ambitious as ever to win races and world championships in the future."

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh was similarly glowing about the Brit driver, whose recent form has been one of the 2011 F1 season's talking points. "I can safely say that he's one of the most capable and respected drivers we've ever had," Whitmarsh said.

Good decision, TopGear.commers?


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