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09 June 2011

India gets 650cc Ninja

The bike you've been waiting for...

Abhinav Mishra
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Bajaj recently introduced the Kawasaki Ninja 650R at their corporate office in Pune. Equipped with all the latest technology, barring ABS, and up to date styling the 650R is quite a head turner and is available only in Kawasaki green for now. Dual headlamps on the sharp fairing, dual disc brakes at the front, an underslung exhaust and an off-set monoshock strut at the rear add to the Ninja's sporty styling.It also get a proper digital instrument cluster for all the important readouts.

The 649cc, parallel twin motor makes an impressive 72bhp and 66Nm of torque and can run on regular 91 octane fuel that's available at our petrol pumps. In fact it's impressive enough to clock a full 100kph in just over four seconds. The best part is the fact that Kawasaki makes owning a properly fast bike much easier for a whole lot of people who can't quite afford the litre class superbikes and want something more than just another 250. Kawasaki hasn't announced any price revision for the Ninja 250R, but we expect to hear about that real soon. Till then, if you have the extra cash, get in line for the Ninja 650R.


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