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16 April 2013

Ken Block in Russia

Video: Internet Champion takes his old Ford Focus and destroys a few cameras...

Vijay Pattni
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Ken Block continues his assault on the senses of The Internet with a new addition to his growing, personal family of films titled: "Watch Me Drive Really Fast And Really Sideways In A Cloud Of Smoke".

Today's entry: Ken Block in Russia. The mad Californian who only knows two facts about tyres* (one of which we're pretty sure isn't legal) straps himself into his Ford Focus - his old car, not his new, 2013, Fiesta rallycross with the psychedelic-livery - and attacks some snow, and a battalion of GoPro cameras too.

At one point, Ken even laughs, maniacally, as he sashays his Focus past a peaceful skier, sideways, covering her in snow. That said, she does get her own back, but you'll have to wait until the very end of the film to find out how...

Have a watch, and let us know where you'd like Ken Block to drift next. The moon?

*Probably untrue, but we'd imagine he does


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