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25 July 2013

Kobayashi crashes F1 car in Moscow

Former Sauber ace goes banzai while demonstrating his skills in the rain…

Vijay Pattni
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Kamui Kobayashi wants to return to Formula One. Last week, the former Sauber ace spoke of his wish that teams pick drivers based on ‘their ability on track' rather than their wealthy sponsors.

We're almost 100 per cent certain then, that his recent demonstration run at a rainy Moscow City Racing event - with Russia now confirmed as a host for F1 next year - hasn't affected any potential drive with Ferrari. No sir.

Watch the video below, admirably released by Ferrari. In it, Kobayashi displays some incredible talent and skill in a Ferrari Formula One car, demonstrating his daring ability we have come to admire here on TopGear. Then it all goes horribly wrong.

You see, doing donuts in the rain is fine. Driving moderately fast in the rain is brave. Driving flat-out on a narrow street circuit in a Formula One car is, well, watch and find out.

‘You feel the weight of history in Moscow', Kamui proffered before the demonstration run. Pretty sure he's feeling the weight of something else now. Wonder what Kamui's reaction was after the crash - quick shrug of the shoulders or a head-down, slow trek back to his room?

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