Koenigsegg teases one-off ‘Hundra’

Posted by vijay at 13:33 pm on Tuesday March 05, 2013

Apparently, ‘Hundra' means one hundred in Swedish. This is important, because it denotes the name of a very special one-off Koenigsegg heading to the Geneva Motor Show marking the company's 100th production car.

Though it should really be called the ‘Rubbad', which actually means deranged. Koenigseggs have always occupied that rarefied echelon in the hypercar fraternity where insane speed and power meets, well, some prescription medication.

We don't know much about the Agera S mechanicals, but using the Agera R as a benchmark, expect it to come with a 5.0-litre V8, a pair of turbochargers, somewhere north of 1,100bhp and a noise that signals the onset of an alien invasion.

Koenigsegg has been kind enough to tell us the Hundra features hand-laid and swirled 24-carat gold leaf inlays, weaved into quite a bit of carbon fibre on a right-hand drive chassis. The build of this special ‘Segg started last September, so we can only imagine how many sleepless nights the ‘excited car collector' for whom this car has been built would have suffered ahead of the big reveal this week.

Still, it's a nice milestone to mark an astonishing ascent into the public consciousness. The company began delivering its first cars to customers in 2002, and has since wormed its way into the affections of the TG office. Along with the Agera becoming TG mag's Hypercar of the Year and setting some Guinness World Records, who could forget the original CCX that nearly offed the Stig?

We'll have more coverage from that little show in Switzerland, so stay tuned...

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