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17 November 2010

LA Motor Show 2010: Porsche Cayman R

Most powerful mid-engined Porsche (that isn't the Carrera GT) to be revealed at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Vijay Pattni
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Porsche will reveal a stripped out version of its mid-engined masterpiece at the LA Motor Show, and it is this, the Porsche Cayman R.


By ripping out lots of stuff inside - air conditioning, stereo, smaller 54-litre fuel tank - and using lightweight components, Porsche has shed 55kg from the Cayman S, and upped power by 10bhp to 330bhp.


This combination of bulimia/protein shakes has resulted in a 0-100kph time of five seconds (0.2s quicker than the S), and 4.7 seconds with the marvellous but unnecessary PDK semi-auto box, minus the associated protein-powder wind.


The Cayman R gets the excellent limited slip diff as standard, lightweight 19-inch wheels from the Boxster Spyder, aluminium door skins from the GT3, carbon fibre bucket seats and leather door trim from the GT3 RS and a big Porsche side stripe. As you know, it is the side stripe that makes all the difference, while you can option another colour than Booger Green as shown in these photos.


It will go on sale next February with a tag of £51,731. Not that much, considering it's £15k cheaper than the base 911 Carrera; a car it will trample over in a most unceremonious fashion.


You also get a driving experience programme at the Porsche centre at Silverstone chucked in to better learn the art of hooning in your Cayman R. Still want that 911?

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