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24 March 2014

LaFerrari vs Enzo: part two

More POV footage from inside the epic LaFerrari as it winds up some mountain roads

Vijay Pattni
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A little while back, a member of the Internet posted a video whereby two of Maranello's finest hypercars did battle in some hills. It was a LaFerrari and an Enzo, and we all stopped what we did for a few moments because the noise was incredible.

Time then, to pause again, because more footage from that run has emerged, and it's from inside LaFerrari; specifically, a point-of-view shot that accurately surmises just how bloody loud (and good) the hybrid hypercar sounds.

Oh yes, the hybrid bit. Don't forget. LaFerrari uses an electric motor to complement that stonking 6.3-litre, 790bhp V12 to make many fast things happen; it'll do 0-100kph in under three seconds, 0-200kph in less than seven seconds and on to 300kph in 15 seconds. Top speed? Over 350kph.

It also produces quite the soundtrack, too, as you'll no doubt find out by watching the video. We've included the previous two videos as well, to give you the full complement.

A note though: please, always drive safely and within the speed limits on public roads

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