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17 March 2011

Lamborghini Gallardo, battered

Chinese man destroys his own supercar with sledgehammer, invites others to join in

Andrew Chesterton
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If you thought the Brilliance BS6 was China's worst crime against motoring, prepare to have your mind positively exploded. This is, or was, a Lamborghini Gallardo - yep, the very same car that, in dog-eared poster format, adorned the walls of teenagers for the best part of a decade.

Its crime? Breaking down. Its punishment? A public battering with sledgehammers. So what, we hear you ask, the hell is going on?

Welcome to Qingdao, in Eastern China, where the owner of this supercar was so enraged after it broke down after a service, that he paid a group of blokes to take the car apart using sledgehammers before a crowd of rightly horrified onlookers. It was all part of a public protest for World Consumer Rights Day, an event likely to resonate with world's biggest companies as loudly as World Donut Day or World Handwashing Day. And no, we didn't make any of these up.


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