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07 June 2013

Lamborghini rolls out 2000th Aventador

In only a little over two years, the 2000th unit of the mental V12 flagship drives off the production line. It's even finished in a sinister shade of black…

Amaan Ahmed
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The boffins at Lamborghini have been really busy. Ever since the Murcielago's replacement, the mind-boggling Aventador went on sale, Lambo's sales counters have been inundated with orders. Or so it seems, because just in a little more than two years, Lamborghini has sold 1,999 Aventadors, and here's the 2000th.

Being readied for delivery to the US of A, the 2000th example has been bought by Thaddeus Aroyo, who works as chief intelligence officer at AT&T. It's fitting then, that his car is finished in "Nero Nemesis" - matte black, if you will.

The Murcie, its predecessor, took four and a half years to hit the same sales landmark. The Aventador (being produced at a heckling speed of five units a day - there's a half-finished Aventador behind the team too, if you look closely) has done it in about half the time. Using TopGear math, we can deduce that the Aventador's successor should take just about a year to achieve the milestone. Only if we could save up some dough by the time that comes in…

We spend a day trying to find out how practical the Lamborghini Aventador is in Mumbai


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