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12 February 2011

Lamborghini supercar shows its bones

Another tease for the new Murcielago successor: today, monocoque nakedness

Vijay Pattni
Car image

This is a picture of the new Lamborghini supercar. Naked.

The Murcielago's successor will get a carbon fibre monocoque ‘single-shell', much as you find on F1 cars. It weighs just 147.5kg, and offers, claims Lamborghini, superior safety and high torsional rigidity.

There is a complicated procedure to produce this carbon-fibre tub, involving resin transfer moulding, pre-injecting carbon fibre mats with liquid resin, braiding and inserting epoxy foam components. Because of its complexity, the tub is built in-house, in Lambo's special kitchen.

Which means... well, Lambo tells us this lightweight tub with its supreme torsional rigidity makes for exacting wheel control and precise steering.

Now we just have to wait for the hot sauce to be added, and we're away... Can't. Wait. For. Geneva.

See pics of the new V12 Lambo, including a sneak peek at the final thing...


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