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13 March 2013

Land Rover teases the new Range Rover Sport

Releases first footage of the car that involves bits of the car, a container and a sharp-suited man with 'DC' as his initials...

Amaan Ahmed
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The new Range Rover, as we'd seen during our drive in Morocco, is probably one of the finest SUVs ever made. It is, in its latest avatar, hurtfully expensive, but justifies its price with its multi-facet personality. Now, things are set to get even better with the arrival of the new Range Rover Sport.

To be globally unveiled at this year's New York Auto Show (which is now merely 13 days away), the new, hard-edged Rangie has finally shown up - only a little, but works for us - in a short teaser that Land Rover has released today. It doesn't give too much away, and we do not have confirmed details, but as can be heard in the video, the Sport is probably powered by a big, rumbly V8. And also seen in the same video is a rather suavely-dressed man jotting down his initials on the delivery receipt, which interestingly happen to be 'DC'. Who could DC be? David Coulthard? Daniel Craig? Or going by the choice of the city, Don Corleone?

Okay, enough talk. Time to watch the teaser.

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