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20 March 2017

Launched: All-new Force Gurkha

The monster of an off-roader, now more usable on the road as well

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The new Force Gurkha is here, and it comes with plenty of changes to make this SUV more appealing to a wider range of customers.

For starters, you can have a choice of number of doors - three or five. There are two variants on offer, the full-blown adventure-type called the Xplorer which comes with selective four-wheel drive, differential lock on both axles, choice of soft-top or hard-top (if opting for 3-doors) and a snorkel intake. The other is the Xpedition variant, which is available only in five-door trim and doesn't get any of the off-road hardware, apart from the snorkel intake. It comes with a choice of a 7-seater setup, or a rather tight, 9-seater setup.

Both come with the 2.6-litre four cylinder diesel engine, which is now BSIV compliant, that makes 85bhp and 230Nm of torque. It also gets a new 5-speed cable shift gearbox for smoother changes, new coil-spring suspension on both axles and the whole thing sits on top of what Force says is an all-new high strength chassis frame.

The list of comfort features is... non-existent. Really. Nothing besides the air conditioning and the interior still looks Spartan. But then again, that's not why one would buy a vehicle such as this. The new look with the steel bumpers is an improvement but still far from pleasant, definitely rugged though.

The new Force Gurkha, Xpedition variant is priced at Rs 8.38 lakh while the off-roading Xplorer variant starts at Rs 9.35 lakh, all prices ex-showroom Delhi.

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