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20 September 2012

Launched: Mahindra Quanto

The much publicised “mini-Xylo” is finally launched at prices starting at Rs 5.82 lakh

Gagan Gupta
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Not that it was a very well kept secret, but the much-anticipated mini-SUV, the Mahindra Quanto, is finally officially revealed.

The Quanto is powered by a 3-cylinder, 1493cc, 100 bhp diesel engine that produces 240Nm of torque. The motor is married to a 5-speed transmission. The car is available in four variants with the top variant featuring perks like reverse parking assist, airbags, double-din stereo and more.

The Quanto is built on Mahindra's Ingenio platform, and though there are bound to be direct comparisons with the recently launched Renault Duster, Mahindra insists that the Quanto was a part of their long term plan for the platform and the launch isn't just a ride on the recent mini-UV wave. They candidly added that they are currently working on an all-wheel drive variant of the Quanto.

The price of the Quanto was revealed as per the variant order - Rs 5.82 lakh for the lowest end C2 variant, Rs 6.35 lakh for C4, Rs 6.86 lakh for C6 and Rs 7.36 lakh for the top-end C8. All prices are ex-showroom, Thane.

Over to you TopGearers, what do you think about Mahindra’s latest offering?

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