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22 March 2013

Launched: Maruti Eeco 'Smiles'

And here's a limited-edition Eeco that aims to bring a smile to your face... but does it really?

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

If you've had a rather slow, dull and depressing week so far, help yourself to this: the Maruti Suzuki Eeco 'Smiles', a limited-run version of Maruti's versatile breadbox.

No, as you must've figured by now, the Eeco 'Smiles' does not put a smile on your face. All it does is offer new wheel covers, mudflaps, two-tone seat covers, doormats, a double-DIN stereo with USB compatibility, speakers and some cheery 'Smile' decals. All this, with no mechanical changes whatsoever, for almost ten grand more.

Numbers of the Eeco 'Smiles' will be limited, and you can buy it as a 5-seater with AC for Rs 3.63 lakh, or if you generally disregard Indian summers, you can also have it as a 5-seater without AC for Rs 3.32 lakh and as a 7-seater without AC for Rs 3.49 lakh. What's more, Maruti will also sell the 'Smiles' to you in CNG flavour, if you're the thrifty type.

What's next, then? Kizashi 'Grins'? Grand Vitara 'Cackles'? SX4 'LOL'? Which of these would you want to see first, dotcommers?

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