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12 November 2013

Launched: Mercedes C-Class 'Edition C'

It’s time to celebrate. Celebrate the Mercedes way. Celebrate 10 million C-Class’ on the road

Agasti Kaulgi
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It’s gala time. It’s time to party. And Mercedes is ready to join the party. With a celebration edition of the C-Class. It looks sportier, much sportier. And that’s courtesy the AMG body kit. That involves new bumpers, bigger, chunkier 17-inch wheels, a new grille with a large three-pointed star sitting right at the centre and tinted headlamps.

And the fun continues even on the inside. It gets a satnav system as standard, new sportier seats with microfibre upholstery and the steering wheel is wrapped in Nappa leather.

Apart from these aesthetic changes, there have been no mechanical changes to this celebration edition that’s called the ‘Edition C’. It has a 2.2-litre oil-burner under the hood that belts out 170bhp and 400Nm of twist mated to a 7-speed auto transmission.

So by now if you’re wondering what the celebration is all about, then here’s the deal. Merc has sold a total of 10 million C-Class’ till date. No, not in India. All over the world. And that’s why Merc is celebrating it with this version of the C-Class.

But this party is not as happening as you think. Mercedes is charging you a premium to have all these goodies. And that price is Rs 39.16 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). A full Rs 3.5 lakh more than the regular C220 CDI. But by paying a premium, what you get is exclusivity. You’ll be among the only 500 special guys to own one.

But wait a minute, if Merc has a reason to celebrate, why should you pay that extra buck? Tell us in the comments below.

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