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18 June 2013

Launched: Porsche Cayman S

The longer, lower, wider all-new Cayman is now on sale in India

Amaan Ahmed
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Have you been wanting a car that sets your soul on fire, but haven't been willing to sell your soul for it? Rejoice, for the Porsche Cayman S is now available in India.

Even though it looks largely similar to the erstwhile Cayman, this is an all-new car: featuring a mixture of aluminium and steel, the body, apart from being just that little bit lower, longer and wider, is also 30kg lighter than the outgoing car, which only means that this Cayman is just that teensy bit faster and also, a little less hurtful at the fuel pump.

The Cayman still carries the classic 3.4-litre flat-six motor, and in 'S' guise, it now punches out 321bhp and 370Nm of torque, and channels it to the rear wheels through a seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (simpler to say PDK, but we just like to try and say that) automatic gearbox. Those power figures may not sound very intimidating - it'll still crack the ton in under 5 seconds, and top out at 281kph - but with a kerb weight of just 1350kg, bigger wheels and widened tracks, this one's for the twisties, just like the previous Cayman.

The interior has been freshened up, and you now get a seven-inch touchscreen as standard. Porsche will also offer you a Burmester audio system as an option, along with a host of other optional goodies that you should have had as standard.

Now, to the price. Rs 92.27 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharashtra) is not exactly cheap by any means, but then, would you really argue with Porsche over the price of the world's finest mid-engined, rear-drive sports coupe?


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