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15 October 2012

Launched: refreshed Ford Figo

The Figo gets a new look and though the engine remains the same, Ford claims it's peppier...

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

Ford launched the newly refreshed Figo at a price of Rs 3.85 lakh for the petrol and Rs 4.82 lakh diesel, both ex-showroom, Thane.

The car gets cosmetic design changes like the front fascia with a hexagonal grill, redesigned headlamps, tail lamps and two new colours (bright yellow and kinetic blue). On the inside the two-tone dashboard now get a blue colour which replaces the odd looking reddish-orange. The driver can now operate the audio system from the steering, thanks to the steering mounted audio controls. Though we would have liked it if the top-of-the-line variant also got rear-power windows as well.

Engine pretty much remains the same, but Ford says it has tweaked it for better acceleration in city traffic. Though we need to thoroughly test the Figo to see if there is any merit to the performance claim. We have a detailed review coming soon.



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